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A Whiteberry?

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When is a Blackberry not a Blackberry? When it’s not black? RIM’s Thai website showcases a White Blackberry 9700, which I personally am finding vulgar. Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I actually love the design on the 9700 BLACKberry. It looks sophisticated and is pretty popular at the moment with teenagers and businesses all using them daily, everywhere.


RIM has previously done different color versions of their devices – blue, silver, pink and white, although those doused with color have been on lesser models and aimed at specific crowds. They’re doing the same thing here, but with one of their top end handsets. My question is; this trend will be carried on after this handset and with future handsets to come, will RIM be losing an iconic status in the “Blackberry” name.

Over the generations Blue, Silver and Black have always been acceptable and taken seriously, these new trendy colors might just do what RIM have been trying to do for years – go mass market. And all this with a little splash of paint? What next Pineberry?

In my eyes, a Blackberry will always be Black, or Blue or Silver.

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