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A bag that recharges your mobile

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Probably the gadget that we are going to discover today will become the dream of every passionate woman about new technologies. The gadget in question is a bag that can recharge the battery of your mobile phone, two functionalities in one: what more could you want?


It is called Everpurse and unfortunately still is not for sale, is part of an ongoing project, is a small handbag with placing the phone inside, can recharge.

So far not much is known about how it works, but it’s very likely have some type of connector as external batteries, but hidden by the fabric of the bag, so we need to recharge the bag before leaving home, although it is also very safe to use any mechanism similar to that of the wireless chargers, for now we’ll have to wait to DISCOVER the secrets of this unique purse.

Finally, to clarify that, although not much different from the external batteries, has the advantage that the bag we usually do not forget it in house, the batteries themselves.

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