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5 tips when taking your mobile to the beach or pool

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In these times, many people enjoy spending time in the pool or on the beach. In any case, the mobile is an accessory difficult to leave aside, and we usually take with us to keep sharing photos, listen to music or not lose the news of the network. However, there are some important safety features in these cases. Let’s take a look at five basic tips so that your trip to the pool or to the beach with the mobile phone does not end up in disgrace.

Beware of sun exposure

Prolonged exposure of our phone to high temperatures can leave our phone unusable. Mainly, its most damaging effect is on the battery, failing to function in extreme cases. Also the channel can suffer, which affects the painting and texture. In any case, we strongly recommend that you do not leave the phone in the sun when you go to bathe. Even if you keep it in a backpack, avoid it being in the sun, because the effect can be the same if exposed for a long time.

taking mobile to the beach

Do not leave without supervision

Apart from the harmful effects of the sun on our mobile phone, leaving our terminal in sight when we are in a public pool or beach has also a possible harmful effect, which is theft. Mobile is a very attractive product for thieves and can be stolen with tremendous ease.

If you are a group of friends and you can leave someone in charge of the mobile. Another option is to leave it in the car, if you have one, in spite of which could be a problem, as it leaves you in communication.

Check your pockets before jumping into the water

Before getting into the water, it is imperative to check that we have not kept the phone in the pocket, as a reflex act. If we have a submersible mobile, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, we can save the situation, but still, it is advisable not to tempt luck. It depends on a limited depth (1.5 meters, in many cases), and even then manufacturers do not always recommend immersing those mobiles in salt water. If you do not have an imperative need to make a water photo, it is best to be aware and avoid carelessness that ends in drama.

Carry external battery

When we go to the pool or the beach, our mobile charge starts to count down, and generally, we will not have an available charge point. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry an external portable battery. That way, if you want to use the mobile to play music or some video, you do not have to suffer for the load. The only problem that could happen is that all your friends want to use your battery, so we recommend that you only show it when it is absolutely necessary.

Using second mobile

This tip is especially suitable for those with high-end mobiles. Placing it in danger from the sun, water or theft can be avoided simply by using a second mobile phone. Using an old terminal or buying a cheap one is a highly recommended measure for these cases. We can still connect, watch videos and listen to music, but we have the peace of mind that, in the worst case, our beloved high range is at home, safe and sound.

With all these tips, you can go to the beach and the pool with your friends and your mobile and guarantee a day without incident.