Mobbler 0.2.2

Mobbler Updated 0.2.2

Hot on the heels of the latest update a few days ago, Mobbler has been updated once again! This latest updates fixes many bugs and adds to the functionality of the application. There are also some more enhancements added. The full change log below: 0.2.2 – Some more bug fixes…

Spice X1

X-1 Coming to Spice Up Gaming

Spice Mobile are aiming to launch the Spice X-1 mobile handset, which is predominantly a mobile handset with specific gaming features. It compromises of a dedicate gaming console and with pre-loaded games, Yamaha amplified 3D surround sound to make gaming more pleasant. It also boasts a 2 Mega Pixel camera…

Bend Phone

Bend Phone

The Bend Phone by Andy Kurovets is not only bendy (curvy) but also chunky and comes with a dual screen design aimed at utilizing both to give a better use of space. With these it will evidently become bigger and with the slide out camera it gets bigger. Honestly speaking…

Siemens leaf concept

Siemens Eco Friendly Concept Phones

As is the current trend in trying to reduce green house gases, fuel emissions and all things Eco-friendly, Siemens has asked design firm Formwelt to come up with some Eco-friendly handsets, which would minimize power consumption, use and be made of less harmful material. We have two designs that have…

Mobbler 0.2.1

Mobbler Updated to 0.2.1

Great news! Just stumbled on the Mobbler Google Code Page and discovered that they have updated the application to version 0.2.1. Nothing much interesting in this release just a few bug fixes for the N73 and N80. What’s exciting is the update on the previous version 0.2.0 – The first…

iPhone 2.0.1 update

iPhone 2.0.1 Software Update Released

Apple has released the latest software update for the iPhone, aimed at mainly fixing bugs with the current 2.0 release. The update is 249.2MB and can be obtained by connecting your iPhone to your desktop PC / MAC and checking for new updates through iTunes.

plica concept

Plica Concept Phone

Great little fold-able touch-screen design the Plica is a dual screen device you can fold in half or use both in conjunction as desired. With the big touch-screen it’s easy to use the on-screen virtual keyboard with ease, whilst also having another big screen to view other content on. The…

Nokia offers Blackberry connect service

Nokia E71 and E66 not getting BB connect?

According to Digital Trends, Nokia is planning to axe Blackberry Connect from their latest E Series handsets, the Nokia E71 and E66. So far there are mixed messages amongst all involved. RIM claims it’s still working with a host of companies which includes Nokia, whilst this is true and there…

Aqua Forest

Aqua Forest [iPhone Game]

If you are looking for a game that is user intuitive, responsive and simply cool then you need to try Aqua Forest. Using the iPhone’s touch screen and accelerometer it let’s you draw water, fire and wood on the large iPhone’s screen to your desire. I know there are other…

Nokia Shape Shifter

Nokia Shape Shifter Concept

Rune Larsen has designed a revolutionary concept phone, one which reacts physically to the needs of the user. The design consists of a two layered plastic, where one would morph into shapes needed to operate the handset (i.e. keyboard appears when you enter a text field).