Apple introduced the iPhone 5S, its new high-end model

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As expected, the keynote of the September 10, 2013 has been almost monopolized by the new iPhone, particularly the 5C model, a device intended to attack Android in which more it hurts, price, because that will sell for $99 on 16 Gbytes and $199 of 32 Gbytes, but with two-year contract commitment.

iPhone 5S

But undoubtedly the star of this keynote is the iPhone 5S, the model has become the high-end smartphones Apple family. Its main characteristics are:

  • 64-bit A7 Processor. The first on a smartphone.
  • This processor is 40 times faster than the processor of the first iPhone.The graphics are 56 times faster than the graphics of the first iPhone.
  • Supports with OpenGL|ES 3.0.
  • New M7 chip, a coprocessor for menial tasks that help the A7. The Nike+ app is the first that opens.
  • Three colors: gold, silver and black.
  • In LTE, ten hour of navigation.
  • 40 hours of music.
  • 10 hours talk time.
  • 250 hours on standby.
  • Camera five elements. Opening 2f/2.2 (very bright).
  • The camera automatically sets white balance and exposure before you take the photo.
  • New flash with actual pitch, adapts to any light. Two color temperatures.
  • New burst of 10 photos per second.
  • The slow motion feature is 120 frames per second. Record 720p HD video at 120 frames.
  • Panoramic photos of 28 megapixels.
  • Touch ID, located at the site of the Home button, is a fingerprint reader. It has a resolution of 500 ppi (dots per inch). Sapphire crystal is that prevents scratches. And read fingerprints at 360 degrees.
  • Works with multiple fingerprints.
  • Prices: 16 GB – $199; 32GB – $299; 64GB – $399, two-year contract. New color covers for $39.
  • Available in stores from September 20.

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